Your Eyebrow as Art

There is no
doubt modern makeup artists are true artists. They are creatives no more or
less talented than traditional fine artists, and I’m not talking Jackson
Pollock here.

Anybody can
learn to apply makeup but to be a true artist, you need a critical eye and a
skilled hand.

traditional artists, makeup artists have choices in terms of what medium they
use. In the cosmetics world, this choice of medium manifests itself as brand
loyalty. You have to admit. MAC people and Chanel and Bobbi Brown people don’t
always agree on what products create the best results.

Also, what
does “best results” even mean? For example, a Bobbi Brown fan is not
necessarily going to love a Chanel face. This is not a value judgment, it’s
just an acknowledgment that not everyone seeks the same results when they apply

Most agree
that Picasso was a talented guy. Yes, he is best known for his bizarre
abstractions but he was a gifted traditional artist as well. Compare these two
well known paintings:

           The Old
, 1895                        The Weeping Woman, 1937

Both are amazing,right?

Similarly, compare
these two lines’s gorgeous 2015 ad campaigns; they convey completely different

          MAC                                                  Bobbi Brown

 So what can
every artist agree on?


Regardless of what makeup style you
prefer, be it full coverage, barely there, or moviestar glamorous, everyone
agrees that brows are key.

Whatever look you’re going for, BDB’s Universal Brow
Pencil is your best friend.. If you’re looking for light, natural enhancement,
apply a little. If you’re going for dramatic and intense, add a few more

The fact that this pencil is flawessly buildable is what makes it
unique and the cornerstone of any makeup routine.

The source | Compaign 35

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