Weekend Link Love – Edition 411

Weekend Link LoveWhy everyone could benefit from a health coach (plus, my personal experience with one). Learn more at primalhealthcoach.com.

Research of the Week

Eating produce could make you happier (a dose response relationship).

How prenatal and postnatal factors affect a baby’s microbiome, and what it implies about long-term development (PDF).

A 90 minute walk in the woods brightens your mood and kills self-rumination.

White rice privilege: rice used to be a whole lot more diverse.

Now that’s philanthrophy: astrocytes donate their mitochondria to neurons after strokes.

Ad-libitum low-carb diets are more effective and easier to stick to than calorie-restricted diets.

Boogers are back.

When battling colon cancer, taking fish oil or eating fatty fish may help.

Badgers fear humans more than any other predator.

Adding dietary glutamate (fish sauce, soy sauce, aged cheese) to specific foods can train people to like those foods.

Low-level aerobic activity (brisk walking, in this example) better than chronic cardio (vigorous jogging, in this example) for pre-diabetics.

Is there a thrifty gene after all? Perhaps in Samoans.

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Interesting Blog Posts

The growing (and totally avoidable) myopia epidemic.

Mating with your cousin has definite downsides, but could it protect against autism?

Primal Play.

Media, Schmedia

Chimps are ignorant about others’ ignorance.

British teen planning scramble beats the odds, discovers all dozen eggs have double yolks.

Everything Else

The fight against obesity starts before birth.

Bug producers are forming lobbyist groups to hasten edible insect acceptance.

CRISPR humans are coming (in China).

Who’s up for cockroach milk?

AI gets its own literary magazine.

The US is awash in rancid extra virgin olive oil because, well, most Americans prefer the taste.

Nature is beautiful, but it’s trying to kill you.

Avid cyclist Chris Froome cut carbs and increased protein to lose body fat and increase his power-to-weight ratio. Oh, and also to win his third Tour de France in four years.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 31 – Aug 6)

Comment of the Week

Battle of the productivity tools. I nominate PowerPoint, Ben and Nocona.

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