Weekend Link Love – Edition 348

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Research of the Week

Converting cropland to pastureland with grazing livestock sequesters carbon at a much higher rate than previously thought, new research has found. It also doesn’t hurt that it produces delicious animals.

New research has discovered a three-way link between childhood antibiotics, changes to the gut bacteria, and diseases later in life.

Certain physiologies” just lose less weight when restricting the same number of calories as other people.

Same goes for exercise. Some people just respond better to training than others.

A nice breakdown of sex-specific differences in fat and sugar metabolism.

Vitamin D toxicity is extremely rare in people who take vitamin D supplements (PDF).

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 67: Al Danenberg: Host Elle Russ hangs out with Dr. Danenberg, a longtime periodontist and recent Primal Blueprint Expert, to discuss his health journey and how ancestral health informs his practice.

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Interesting Blog Posts

A closer look at the potential mechanisms behind the statin-diabetes connection.

The case for daily naps (old but good).

Artificial light is a drug.

Media, Schmedia

Why trail runners should ditch their coaches and just get dogs.

Consumers prefer vegetarian-fed chickens, even though the birds are natural omnivores who love eating small (and large, if the opportunity presents itself) animals.

Harvard engineering students have made smoking the perfect brisket more science than art.

Everything Else

How (and why you should want) to raise a wild child.

What’s the most important training element, in one doctor’s view? Sleep.

We’re pooping out so much metformin into the water system that male fish are turning female.

McDonald’s is adding kale to the breakfast menu.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 18 – May 24)

Comment of the Week

Mark, that’s disgusting. “or a paper towel laid on top of a mesh trainer”
I’ve been made to drink beer out of my trainer, but never yogurt.

Lol ?

Consider it. Remember, there once was a day that liver sounded disgusting.

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