Wait ‘Til You Get a Load of Those Brows

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If you are
like millions of people around the world, you’ve already seen Deadpool (2016), the latest installment
in the Marvel franchise. The dirty, irreverent, and awesome flick stars Ryan
Reynolds, People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive
2010 and possibly the only person in the world to grow tired of sleeping
next to Scarlett Johansson.



The movie
really could stand on one-liners and visual jokes alone, but the icing on the
cake is the eyebrows.

Like all
superhero flicks, this one comes complete with an origin story. Deadpool, an
unlikely superhero, is a trifecta of missing eyebrow imagery. First of all, Wade
Wilson, portrayed by Reynolds, is afflicted with cancer.

Secondly, he
is subjected to torturous medical treatments that turn him into a browless mutant.

Third, once
he has transformed into the character who will be known as Deadpool, Wade
Wilson dons a costume that shows no eyebrow expression. All the character’s humanity,
save for his punchy commentary, is left to the imagination.

Cancer is a
heavy topic and even in this hilarious take on what are usually self-important
comic book adaptations, the disease is a very real topic almost everyone
understands–very few people are lucky enough to lead lives untouched by cancer.

One of Wade
Wilson’s greatest struggles and a key theme in the movie is fear of being
negatively judged because of changes in appearance. There is nothing funny
about it; in the real world, those undergoing cancer treatment understand the struggle
to feel comfortable in their own skin after losing hair and eyebrows.

The truth
is, it is essential that anyone undergoing chemotherapy feel their absolute
best. The adage is true: when you look better, you feel better.

makes people feel better too, so Deadpool
gets extra credit for the chuckles AND for drawing attention to the importance eyebrows
play in a “normal” appearance.


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