This Fitness Blogger Just Proved How Easy It Is to Edit Your Butt in Bikini Photos

Sia Cooper is on a roll when it comes to demystifying social media images. On Tuesday, the fitness blogger shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She presented two variations: real and edited. In the edited version, Cooper’s cellulite is gone, her waist and thighs are smaller, and her butt is more bootylicious.

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“It’s so easy to edit a photo these days,” she wrote. “No, I’m not even talking about Photoshop. I’m talking these little iPhone apps that allow you to smooth cellulite, slim waists and thighs, and make your booty bigger. Crazy right?”

Cooper shared that it took her less than a minute to make these changes to her Maui vacation photo, and she said celebrities and fitness models often use the same manipulation strategy. She hopes this insight will help women understand that influencer-edited images should not influence them.

“I’m not saying to stop believing everything you see,” she said. “Just stop COMPARING. You’re a queen and the only person you need to focus on and compare yourself to is the gal you were yesterday.”

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Cooper has long called out ocial media body manipulation tricks, showing just how easy it is to make yourself look more Instagram-ready with the right pose and adjustment. Just last month, she posted a photo of her stretch marks to send a message about embracing flaws.

“It seems so sad to me that the world is so focused on attaining a certain weight or dress size,” she wrote. “It’s a shame because there are a lot of women out there who are covered in tiger stripes or a size 8 and are amazingly BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG … Fight against a world who is constantly telling you that you’re not enough.”

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