These Are the Most Effective Sunscreens in Stores Right Now


Dedicated readers may have picked up on this by now, but we really, really care about preventing UV exposure. Painful burning, skin cancer, wrinkles, these are a few of our least favorite things, which is why we’ve dedicated so much time over the years to keeping you up to date on exactly which sunscreens you should be applying, how, and when. That makes the news from Consumer Reports that many sunscreens aren’t living up to their claims (half of the sunscreens with SPF 30 and higher that were tested over the last four years have come in with SPFs below their labeled number, and one third registered below SPF 30, the minimum level recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology).

While some of the findings were shocking—mineral sunscreens fared particularly poorly, with only 26 percent of those tested meeting their SPF claims—others weren’t so unexpected: So-called sun-protective supplements, like UVO drinks, aren’t a substitute for good old-fashioned sunscreen. The good news is that after all of that testing, Consumer Reports pinpointed some of the most effective sunscreens on the market as well, just in time to stock up for summer.

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