There IS Such a Thing as Too Thin

Habits are VERY hard to
break, especially when you’ve held on to them for a long time. Sometimes
though, the best thing to do is an honest assessment of yourself. If
you’ve been a plucker all your life, perhaps it’s time to step back and
honestly look at what looks best on you. Sometimes, it’s not what you

“I started plucking my
eyebrows in junior high and waxing in high school. By college they were gone.
That’s actually fine with me as I’ve always loved the look of really thin,
penciled brows. I’m thinking about tattooing, just so I don’t have to worry
about my brows washing off with rain or perspiration.

Personally, I like having
thinner eyebrows. I think that thinner eyebrows give my face more of a lift and
to me, it’s a good thing. I loved Drew Barrymore’s lighthearted look in the ‘90s.
On the other hand, every time I look into the mirror I start to go tweezer
happy and go beyond plucking the stray hairs. Exactly how thin is too thin? I’m
told I look very 1990s so I guess I don’t know.”

Alana Landmar, Chicago

Unsure or afraid of what
you’ll look like with bolder brows? It helps to get used to the look and
an easy way to do so is with cosmetics. Invest in a Brow Buddy so
you know precisely how your brows should be shaped, and use pencil or powder to
make them more pronounced. You can even do it weekends around the house
or after work if you are not immediately ready to make your public debut.
In no time, you’ll get used to your face with gorgeous, full eyebrows and
you’ll never look back!

The source | Compaign 35

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