The Future is Now!

The beauty
and cosmetics industry moves at a rapid pace. There is never a lag in demand
for the latest and greatest innovations. Still, it seems like there have been
few truly “wow” advancements in recent years. Yes, the eyelash
extension was huge and a game changer in the industry even to the extent it
inspired a whole new generation of mascaras to mimic the look of extensions.

Well, the
future is here now. By joining forces with one of the biggest names in eyelash
extensions, BDB is pleased to introduce eyebrow
extensions to the world! Pioneering lash extension guru Shara Iaconi is now the
world’s leading brow extension guru as well. Today’s eyebrow extensions are
long-lasting and so natural looking, no one will believe they are not the real

looking extensions are applied by a professional and they open a whole new
world to anyone seeking long-lasting and natural brow solutions, but they are
true game changers for people with medical challenges that prevent or hinder
brow growth.

Dollar Brows is proud to offer training in this exclusive technique for brow professionals.
Please visit the BDB
to learn more and to set up training for yourself or your staff. If
you are a consumer who would love gorgeous, professional eyebrow extensions as
seen on TV, contact your brow professional and tell them to get trained as a
BDB extension expert today!

The source | Compaign 35

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