Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn Baltierra Says More Kids Are in Her After Long Struggle with Postpartum Depression

Catelynn Baltierra is confident more kids are in her and husband Tyler‘s future, it’s just a matter of when.

Despite expressing fears of experiencing postpartum depression after another pregnancy again on Teen Mom OG, Catelynn, 25, told Kate Casey on her podcast Real Life with Kate Casey that she does want to have more children.

“Believe me, I want another baby, too,” she said. “I think struggling with postpartum and it being so severe… it’s kind of scary for me, in a way. That definitely deters me a little bit from wanting another child.”

Catelynn had postpartum depression after the birth of her 2-year-old daughter, Nova, and sought counseling — even attending a retreat that would help her cope with her emotions and mental illness — which was captured on the MTV hit show.

“I keep telling myself that whenever , because it will eventually, you just have to have that support system,” she said of Tyler and her parents. “We definitely want more kids, it’s just when… I don’t know.”

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The MTV star revealed she’s not sure if she experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter, Carly, whom she and Tyler gave up for adoption.

“I never struggled with depression or anxiety before I ever got pregnant with her,” Catelynn revealed. “Now, after Carly, a few years later, I had my first ever, severe panic attack and depression. And then after that fact, I struggled with it for years and then I had Nova.”

In a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler, also 25, expressed his burgeoning desire for more children, particularly for a boy, by “next year.”

Catelynn, who was seemingly overwhelmed by the idea of another pregnancy, told her husband, “I’m not sure if I want a big family or not.”

Tyler’s mother, Kim, urged him to consider Catelynn’s emotional state before planning for another child.

“I think now it’s a little different, because I want one,” Tyler told her. “I don’t have to carry it or anything.”

“Yeah, don’t have one until she’s ready,” Kim recommended. “Because mom’s are the one’s that really do everything, let’s face it.”

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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