The Failing & Implosion of the PUA Industry

  Pick up was never about sex and seduction, it was about insecure men trying to stop being insecure.  Let’s get this straight, there is nothing wrong with a man who wants to meet women.  There is nothing wrong with a man who wants to have a sex life that he has never experienced.  There is nothing wrong with sex, there is nothing wrong with learning a skill to meet women and have sex, but there is something wrong with pick up and the culture it has become.   SoRead More


HOW DO I BREAK UP WITH HER? thesexuallife.com/116 If you want to learn how to be good with women you’re going to have to learn how to have a relationship, end a relationship and perhaps even why you want a relationship in the first place. This is where TSL has so much of its power as a men’s group. For the past 10 years we have been teaching social dynamics but in a group setting, building up a massive alumni who’s experience is unmatched. As a collective group we haveRead More


Somewhere in the end goal of every man and woman is to learn how to have the best possible relationships with each other. That can mean anything – monogamy, swinging, whatever your heart desires. In fact there can be no boundaries put on expression or sexuality. You must find what you like and make it your way. What is most interesting about the seduction, dating and self-help industries is how rare healthy relationships are. Of course many men and women in those industries have had relationships but very few haveRead More

Why I Hate New Years Resolutions | BR 111

One of the things I hate about New Years Resolutions is people don’t do them.  We make goals and plans to better our lives that have nothing to do with us and more to do with an image or an insecurity.  Our ambitions and goals have become something that is determined by what is ‘cool’, what sounds ‘cool’ and what will give us meaning and status. When it comes down to the true meaning of who we are, we need to do very little. But one thing is for certainRead More


They say, “failure is our best teacher” I hate clichés (maybe I need to explore this…) I hate them because they are lazy statements.   A statement, or a quick story never did anything to give me a good life.  At most it gave me some relief. What has always helped me was reality.   Our mission at TSL has never been to find a Social Dynamic or a way to have sex that merely worked.  It was to explore ourselves and live in the reality of sex.  Live inRead More

“Doing Whatever it Takes to Be the Better Man” | BANG RADIO! Ep 105

We all know how to do what is necessary to be alive, live happy get by; but very few of us do whatever it takes to be the better man.  That is why I have the friends that I have. It is this connection that gives me the opportunity to do whatever it takes to be the better man. One of those people is my buddy Dave…   Dave is somewhat of a mentor of mine, but not in the sense of how most people look at mentors.   Dave isRead More


READ PART 1 – Click Here GETTING HEALTHY w/YOUR SEXUAL LIFE The journey to sexual freedom doesn’t have to have hookers and blow. It doesn’t have to have drama and pain. But if you do live in that repression at some point you will break and not even know how you got there. You will be lost looking for an answer, living as one bad social and sexual reaction to the world around you. The whole purpose of TSL is for you to live a healthy social and sexual lifeRead More


BANG RADIO! Episode 103 is all about how much sex can make you or break you. Ep 103 was inspired by a call we had last week, where we workshopped how powerful and confusing sex can be. On the call a long term alumni, “Ray” brought something up – “I don’t get it, I am depressed, I keep thinking about my dad and how he wasn’t around when I was growing up. All this while I am having the best sex of my life. I have no more sexual issues,Read More


What do I do if I hate women? Let’s start this off with the email I got from James who just signed up on one of our programs – TSL Online – Virtual I really appreciate this email because it is so honest, and it is something many men go through. The answer is not to judge them, but to move them into a socially & sexually healthy lifestyle. Like many men, that a is really what James wants. Hey Steve, It’s James. I was sitting here doing some catchRead More

The Birth of Life

  “The Story of Pain & the Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Life is the most beautiful thing. It is in front of us at all times. Yet we don’t always see its beauty, we see its pain. Life’s pain is real. It is there touching us, transforming us and it doesn’t care how we feel about it. It comes in all forms, and it is impossible to avoid. Like any day today I felt pain. I had many reasons to give up, be upset and resentful. However, today lifeRead More

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