Keeping it in Your Professional Pants, “The Window,” and Telepathic Hints

by Lindsay King-Miller I have such a crush on my intern. I’m not her supervisor, though I’m a senior person on a team that she is also on, so I’m in a leadership role in relation to her. I’m only two years older than she is. She is so ambiguously queer I can’t even stand it. We either have extremely subtle, almost-undetectable queer-girl sexy eye contact going on, or I am totally imagining everything. When she leaves our office at the end of the school year, can I ask herRead More

Lazy Day Routine

HI EVERYONE! First off, I can’t believe that today is the last day of #Howtobehappyjanuary 2015! WHOAH! This month went by SO fast…& we made it! LOL I felt like this video today was the perfect way to close the month… (& yes. I have another blabbery outro at the end of the video) & I hope you like it=) I will see you all soon w/ #FYDFebruary ! AH! ——————————————————— Buy my tumbler cup here: Corny tumbler cup commercial: ——————————————————— My Winter Night Routine: My WinterRead More