‘SNL 40’ Review: The Stars Come Home

by Erik Voss After 40 years, Saturday Night Live may be the only remaining "watercooler comedy" that everyone still has something to say about. Whether it's "The first five years were the best," or "Bring back Victoria Jackson!" (just kidding, no one says that), we all have our opinions on what is or isn't funny on the show… not just us nerdy online reviewers. SNL is, after all, one of the only shows we grew up with that's still on the air – those of us under 40 haven't lived in a world without it — and weRead More

20 Times We Totally Lost Our Minds During the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special

That. Was. Amazing. For some of us, SNL is just a reliably chuckle-worthy comedy show that airs almost every Saturday night and occasionally produces viral videos for us to watch on…

Find Out Which Friends Alum Auditioned for Saturday Night Live… And Was Rejected!

We all make mistakes, even when we’re Lorne Michaels. The SNL boss recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the past forty years of SNL and revealed that he has a few…

What Is It, Jessica Williams Day?

by Jazmine Hughes If so, I’m ok with that. Here she is in Cosmo: How has your feminism affected your dating life? A lot. I can be pretty harsh and judgmental. I’m a very harsh and judgmental person. I like morals, right and wrong, I like to see things in black-and-white when I can, so I will hold a lot of guys to an impossible standard. So that really effects my dating, but it also cuts out a lot of bozos. I got no time for bozos. As soon asRead More

From Books to ‘SNL’ to Pixar to a Sitcom with Simon Rich

by Jane Hu There are a few observations critics almost always make about Simon Rich: how young he is, how much younger he looks, and how much he’s accomplished regardless. The next move usually is to list his accolades: when Rich graduated from Harvard (having served as president of the Harvard Lampoon) he already had a two-book deal from Random House as well as an offer to be the then-youngest writer on Saturday Night Live. After four years working at SNL, Rich spent the next two at Pixar. During thisRead More