Sharon Reich


World’s most expensive painting on display in Switzerland

Gauguin’s $300 million painting “When Will You Marry?” is on display in Switzerland until June. Sharon Reich reports.

See robotic Spot run

Google’s Boston Dynamics unveils smaller, lighter robotic dog named Spot. Sharon Reich reports.

North Korea’s late leader feted with food

North Korea holds a cooking contest at a restaurant in Pyongyang to commemorate the 73rd birthday of its late leader Kim Jong Il. Sharon Reich reports.

An “angel” flies in St. Mark’s Square

Crowds celebrate Carnival in Venice with the annual ‘Flight of the Angel.’ Sharon Reich reports.

Obese man pleads for medical help

A thirty-year-old Chilean man – who weighs in at close to 600 pounds – calls for help to survive, following years battling morbid obesity. Sharon Reich reports.

Grande Rio samba school prepares for Rio’s Carnival parade competion

The Grande Rio samba get their costumes and floats ready for the annual Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. Sharon Reich reports.

The Puppy Bowl celebrates 11 years of fluffy football fun

Puppies from animal shelters around the U.S. compete in the 11th annual Puppy Bowl in New York City. Sharon Reich reports.

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