Sexual Mindsets


Chasing Validation – 117

Chasing Validation The key to living a good sexual life means you stop making it about women and you start making it about you. For many reasons men and women chase what they are supposed to have when it comes to their personal identity rather than look at who they are. This has turned into many different distortions. One of them is chasing validation. We see it over and over again with both men and women. Just the other day I was looking at an article about how an asianRead More


READ PART 2 of this Article When we don’t see sex as a reality we see it as a fantasy. If we are living in fantasy we will never be fulfilled. WATCH THE BANG RADIO Eps Sadly this is how men and women have their sex lives now. We have a fantasy of what sex is supposed to be and forgot how to express it with ourselves. We are afraid to experience for ourselves and what we believe in so instead we experience based on what we are supposed to be.Read More