Roselle Chen


Japanese zoo simulates ‘leopard’ escaping in a practice drill

A man dressed in a leopard suit “escapes” from its enclosure in Tokyo, to help zoo staff prepare for emergency situations. Roselle Chen reports.

Polar bear aids scientists in research

Tatqiq, a frisky polar bear at the San Diego Zoo, is helping scientists learn about her species by wearing a special collar that tracks her movements. Roselle Chen reports.

Brazilian health ministry uses dating apps to prevent HIV/AIDS

Brazil’s health ministry is using Tinder and Hornet smartphone apps to reach out to young people at risk of contacting HIV ahead of Carnival celebrations. Roselle Chen reports.

Giant heart beats in Times Square

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, a giant heart-shaped sculpture is unveiled in Times Square, that will beat in the heart of New York City. Roselle Chen reports.

Colombians thrilled that one of their own wins Miss Universe title

Colombians are overjoyed that a 22-year-old business student and model from Barranquilla, Colombia, was named Miss Universe. Roselle Chen reports.

First ever World Marathon Challenge a runaway success

Seven marathons, seven continents and seven days – 12 runners take part in one of the toughest footraces in the world in the inaugural World Marathon Challenge. Roselle Chen reports.

Sheep herded to create Australian flag

An Australian farmer uses the lure of food to herd sheep into the shape of the national flag. Roselle Chen reports.