A Partial List of Known Aphrodisiacs & Anti-Aphrodisiacs

by Anna Cherry Anti-aphrodisiacs: Baby books Home Winters, unshaven Fifty Shades of Grey Gluttony The term “godly woman” Co-ed office bathrooms Office bathrooms Content marketing B2B marketing webinars Obliterative edits Full-time job, no benefits The gate, closing No gym No benefits Sex dream about my brother The Weeknd in practice The Wolf of Wall Street, all 180 minutes Southern Baptist youth ministers This blog. Pre-war apartment cockroaches, clutter, and grime Dates The gate, closing Paris sex museum Old Xanga posts (probably) Infant niece Dude high on hash at our HalloweenRead More

Michelin stars awarded to 46 new restaurants

Dozens of French chefs are awarded Michelin stars for their culinary excellence in Paris. Tara Cleary reports.

10 Broadway Shows to See This Season

We’re halfway through Broadway’s 2014–15 season, which means that a lot of shows will soon be closing to make way for exciting new productions. In the coming months, more celebrities will grace New York’s stages, while Briti…

10 Best Hotel Spas in Paris

Each of Paris‘s legendary hotels has a character all its own, but when it comes to luxury, the differences become more nuanced. The pursuit of excellence is in the details, and that extends to the jewel in every hotel’s crown: its spa. The 10 hotel spas listed here represent Paris’s very best, offering an indulgent experience that goes so much more than skin deep.

By Jennifer Ladonne

20 Must-Try Street Foods Around the World

Can you imagine visiting Paris without having a crêpe? Strolling through Hong Kong and not eating an egg waffle? Passing up authentic jerk chicken in Jamaica? Trying street food is an integral of traveling to new places, and it’s a delici…

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