Martin Luther King


Elegy For Your Superheroes

by Vanessa Willoughby Superheros should never remove their costumes. Without the mask, they lose the magic. Years of dealing with racism, no matter the season’s favored model—systematic, institutional, post-racial—have drained my father. Growing up, he was my bulletproof Superman, following a personal creed of Christian benevolence and unbiased compassion instilled by his late mother. As he’s gotten older, cynicism has wormed its way into his everyday language, as loud as the rolling of summer thunder. He doesn’t believe that racial harmony is attainable, at least during his lifetime. The civilRead More

The Oscars Suck, What Else Is New

by Jazmine Hughes “SELMA? One of the best pics of the year. But the directing, script, all the acting, & cinematography? Meh. Nice song, though.” — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) January 15, 2015 The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, with no big surprises: white men are continually rewarded for just showing up, people of color and women are almost completely shut out, the sky is blue, etc. The biggest letdown, of course, was Selma (depending on what social media circles you run in—a lot of outrage about The Lego MovieRead More

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