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Christina Milian Reveals Her Method to Getting a Bigger Booty: Eat Cornbread and Take Twerk-Out Classes

If there’s one thing Christina Milian knows about Hollywood, it’s the fact that impressive booties are totally in. From Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian to Iggy Azalea and Jennifer…

Kim Kardashian’s Choker May Be More Distracting Than Her Head-to-Toe Snakeskin Outfit

Let’s please have a moment of silence for all the millions and trillions of snakes that were sacrificed for Kim Kardashian’s latest outfit… OK, now that that’s over we…

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and More Hit 2015 Grammy Parties—See the Pics!

The 2015 Grammy Awards were a blast, but the stars only really get to let loose at the parties! Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo were (as always) beyond adorable at Universal Music…

Chrissy Teigen Talks Double Date With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Explains Why the Rapper Looked So Mad

In case you don’t remember, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently went on a double date with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to the Waffle House—and it was amazing. It was also…


by Haley Mlotek Girls night watching a private screening of Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!!! OMG it’s sooooo good!!!!! — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 4, 2015 After an intense morning of negotiations, Jazmine and I are ready to make a solemn announcement: we will pay Kim Kardashian literally all our money if she reviews 50 Shades of Grey for us. This is NOT a joke. Kim, if you are reading this, just know that our combined net worth is in the HIGH three digits, so. It’ll definitely be worth yourRead More

The Time Kim Kardashian Wore Her Super-Nude Top to Meet Barack Obama and the President Wrote Kimye a Message About ”Lovely” North!

President Barack Obama does do autographs. Kim Kardashian went all out for Flashback Friday today, sharing a photo of herself and Kanye West posing with the commander in chief….

Is North West Going to Be Homeschooled? Find Out What Kanye West Just Revealed!

Kanye West already has his daughter’s education planned out! Little North West isn’t even 2 years old yet, but her rapper father just revealed that Kim Kardashian’s daughter…

How I Got My Pre-Baby Body Back

by Laura June Beyoncé (@beyonce) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf (11 Oca 2015, 09:49 PST) Like Beyonce, by the time I gave birth, I weighed nearly two hundred pounds because, like Kim Kardashian, I suffered from a condition called preeclampsia. This causes, often later in pregnancy, high blood pressure and fast gains in weight from fluid retention. It’s miserable, but by the end, I was a little too preoccupied—new baby, slash in the abdomen—to really marvel at the state of affairs on the scale. I noted it, in passing, without remarkingRead More

Kim Kardashian: Trapped in Her Own Game

by Jazmine Hughes “More like KardashiCAN’T. You are pathetic. You try to destroy me and then lie about it to my face. Well, Kim, if you like your game so much, why don’t you play it…FOREVER.” “What do you mean?” Kim said “I actually do already play it every day. If you add me on GameCenter there’s a special limited edition dress coming out that I can send you. It costs like 150 K-Stars.” “Stick your K-Stars up your ass, Kim, you’re going to need them. I’m sending you toRead More

Kim Kardashian Tries Her Best to Work Snow Gear During Romantic Ski Trip With Kanye West—Take a Look!

Something tells us skiing isn’t exactly Kim Kardashian’s specialty. As the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star arrived in Utah with Kanye West, the duo understandably went…

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