22 Genius Tips To Help You Cook More On Weeknights

Save money, eat healthy, and organize your kitchen all at once! Menu planning can be as simple as making your fridge into a shopping list and menu planner. Just add a little chalk paint. See how to do it here. That way no one will need to ask 'What's for dinner?” You can also make a cute and simple DIY message-board to keep track of your weekly plan. See how to make this one here. View Entire List ›

15 Last-Minute Infused Alcohols To Show Someone You Really Care

Same-day bacon bourbon for V-Day? Yes, please. People love DIY gifts. People also love alcohol. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, these quick concoctions could just save the day. Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed <h1>How to make infused alcohol: Desired flavors + liquor + sealed container + dark cabinet = drunk deliciousness.</h1> And they don’t have to take forever. “I’ve found that most recipes for infusions tell people to leave stuff steeping for entirely too long,” says Marcia Simmons on <a href=””>Serious Eats.</a> (As an infused alcohol experimenter myself, I haveRead More

Here’s What You Should Make For Your Next Date Night Dinner

I’ll take pasta over flowers any day of the week. BuzzFeed With that in mind, we asked Ashley Rodriguez — the food blogger behind Not Without Salt and the recipe book Date Night In — for ideas for a memorable DIY meal for two. “If ever there was a day to date in, Valentine’s Day is it,” Rodriguez told BuzzFeed Life. “No need to fight for a reservation. No pressure to leave your table before you’re ready to go.” So to help you plan your own romantic evening at home,Read More

These Super Easy Nutella Desserts Are A Total Gamechanger

BuzzFeed Food editors took to the test kitchen to make desserts that were a) easy, b) delicious, and c) full of Nutella. (As, arguably, all desserts should be.) <i>Note: You can find all of the complete recipes at the bottom of this post.</i> Designs by Jenny Chang / Photos by Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed <h1>1. Nutella Cinnamon Rolls</h1> <b>Why make these?:</b> These bite-sized rolls are super easy thanks to a of base of crescent dough. While they bake in a muffin tin, make the DIY icing: a quick mix ofRead More