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Safe Nominees in Safe Movies: A Roundtable Discussion on the 2015 Oscar Nominations

by The Hairpin In the week leading up to the Oscars, we decided we wanted to take a critical, nuanced look at one of the most debated set of nominations in recent memory, reviled for its sheer and utter lack of diversity. We gathered pals-of-the-Pin Fariha Róisín, Pilot Viruet, Durga Chew-Bose to discuss. Do the Oscars even matter? Fariha: My initial reaction is: “Nooooooo.” Then of course, ultimately—they do. The rhetoric surrounding the oscar snub of Ava DuVernay and her film Selma (supposedly because of the portrayal of LBJ—NYT reviewerRead More

The Oscars Suck, What Else Is New

by Jazmine Hughes “SELMA? One of the best pics of the year. But the directing, script, all the acting, & cinematography? Meh. Nice song, though.” — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) January 15, 2015 The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, with no big surprises: white men are continually rewarded for just showing up, people of color and women are almost completely shut out, the sky is blue, etc. The biggest letdown, of course, was Selma (depending on what social media circles you run in—a lot of outrage about The Lego MovieRead More