Special Effects in the Real World

Special Effects in the
Real World

You are already a fan of
beautiful brows; you know they give you that gorgeous, polished look you just
can’t achieve without them. You’d never ignore your brows, right?

Have you ever considered the
opposite? Deliberately messing with your precious eyebrows to make
yourself…ugly? Believe it or not, some people do it for a living.

“I am a Special Effects Makeup Artist. I have done some stage
work, but I work primarily on films. Big surprise, I know, but the bread
and butter of our industry is the horror genre. One of the first things
you learn in this business is how to completely transform a person. I
spent years studying anatomy and medical textbooks, but the most useful trick I
learned is that if you hide a person’s eyebrows, you make them a blank slate;
it’s like you remove a part of their humanity. Eyebrows are the first
step toward turning a man into an animal or an alien or any monster in

T. S. Salvaggio,
Los Angeles


If this is not a
lesson, I don’t know what is. It’s simple logic—pretty brows make a
pretty face. Ugly brows, or brows that simply disappear, are a horror story
waiting to happen.

The source | Compaign 35

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