Show What’s on the Inside!

Brow shape plays an important
role in how we are sized-up by others, not just in terms of whether we look
fashionable or not, but also how our moods are perceived. Super-thin,
arched brows make a person appear surprised just as too-pointy arches make a
face seem angry (you know how we at BDB feel about Evil Queen brows).

Consider this tale of
misunderstood brows:

“When I was younger, my
strong ‘n’ serious eyebrows gave me permanent b****face. Other kids always
asked why I was upset when I was perfectly at ease—ironically ruining my good
mood and making me feel horrible. One time, when I was a freshman in high
school, a girl stared at my thick brows for a few seconds and then turned to a
friend and made a comment about needing to get her own (blond, average-size)
eyebrows waxed. I don’t think she was mesmerized by my brows—it felt more like
she saw them and immediately thought,
I don’t want mine
to get out of control like that


San Antonio, Texas

It’s true! The next
time you want to seem friendly or outgoing or relaxed, think about your brows
and make sure they reflect the way you truly feel.

The source | Compaign 35

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