Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy Talk Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Return — and Wearing Diapers!

It’s almost time for Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy to count down to 2018 — and they’re dishing to PEOPLE all about this year’s show!

The co-hosts of New Year’s Rocking Eve sat down with PEOPLE to talk through what it’s like to ring in the new year in the middle of Times Square.

“That’s the best part of the gig, is to bring everyone together for a great moment,” Seacrest tells PEOPLE. “Unity has been something we’ve been talking about. There’s an incredible abundance of unity at midnight in Times Square and our hope is for that to carry beyond 12:01 and into the New Year.”

The veteran host also commented on the return of Mariah Carey, who had an incident last year when her playback equipment stopped working and she was unable to finish the show. But with her return this year, Seacrest is happy the show is giving her a second chance to “blow it out of the park.”

“There are so many different variables that have to work out and, unfortunately, last year it didn’t go as planned,” Seacrest says. “But when I first heard about it, I took a minute to think and went, ‘Wait, this is a great idea.’ It wasn’t the most obvious idea, but it’s great. We can’t do anything else. So we’re happy about that.”

And when it comes to surviving the long night, McCarthy gave a surprising answer she learned during last year’s show — people actually wear diapers.

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“I know this might be weird but it’s a weird buzz, everyone wears diapers,” McCarthy says to an incredulous Seacrest. “There were 72 people and I go, ‘Show me,’ and they showed me. The front row, most of them are in diapers!”

“I always think they’re kidding,” Seacrest says, joking, “Great, I can finally put mine to use! ”

Tune in to watch the Times Square ball drop on New Year’s Rocking Eve at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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