Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: The Funniest Reactions to Lifetime’s Movie About the Royal Couple

What happened when Harry met Meghan?

On Sunday night, Lifetime aired its delightfully cheesy dramatization of the romance between England’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle — which, apparently, involved lions.

Though Harry & Meghan may not be the most accurate depiction of their relationship, it’s all royal watchers have until next weekend’s televised wedding.

Below, see the Internet’s best reactions to the movie.

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Casting Call 

Parisa Fitz-Henley is the spitting image of Meghan — and nailed her voice, too. Burgess Abernathy as Prince William? Not so much …

The actress playing Meghan Markle is her doppelganger… Harry & Meghan: #ARoyalRomance 💍

— Susanna Moss (@MsSMoss) May 14, 2018

Our best casting yet! 😉 We really nailed it with the cast of #ARoyalRomance. We can’t tell the difference, can you? 🔍👀

— Lifetime (@lifetimetv) May 7, 2018

Is that William? ! #ARoyalRomance

— Jennifer (@Paper_Heart_Jen) May 14, 2018

Movie Diana actually looked like real Diana. Y’all finally casted someone right #harryandmeghan #ARoyalRomance

🌻Sunset Boulevardez🌻 (@Kissesfromdes) May 14, 2018

Bootleg Kate actually looks like her, but I KNOW that’s not supposed to be William??? Y’all let me down once again #harryandmeghan #ARoyalRomance

🌻Sunset Boulevardez🌻 (@Kissesfromdes) May 14, 2018

Inner Conflict

The line between love and hate is always thin when watching a Lifetime masterpiece, and Harry & Meghan proved no exception.

Half the time I’m yelling at the TV, the other half I’m like this is so spot on #HarryandMeghan #ARoyalRomance #LifetimeMovies

— Darby (@helloitsdarby) May 14, 2018

My beloved, Shakespeare loving, English teaching husband cannot look away from this movie.#ARoyalRomance

— Meaghan W. Haxton (@theladyhaxton) May 14, 2018

Team Meghan

People loved seeing fictional Meghan be completely unimpressed by Prince Harry’s (Murray Fraser) first-date tardiness and royal title.

Oh! She’s sassy!! That means she’s perfect!! 🙄#HarryAndMeghan #ARoyalRomance

— Shupette (@Shupette) May 14, 2018

Meghan chastising Harry for being late… she’s doing it in such an adorable way. #HarryAndMeghan #ARoyalRomance #LifetimeMovies #LifetimeTV

— Samus Aran (@SamusAran2020) May 14, 2018

Meghan Markle: Royal ball buster #ARoyalRomance

— N🦇laChick (@TheNolaChick) May 14, 2018

Oh I REALLY hope she brought up the Deal or No Deal gig on the first date. #Lifetime #harryandmeghan #ARoyalRomance

— Kimberly L. (@KimmyLoves2Read) May 14, 2018

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Meghan and Harry’s second date involved an overnight trip to Botswana, a theory that Princess Diana’s spirit is possessing a lion and some sexy time.

hey boys i’m ready and willing to be botswana’d #ARoyalRomance

— Marissa D (@MarissaDriscoll) May 14, 2018

This is like the best Bachelor date ever. #ARoyalRomance #HarryandMeghan

— Aimee Friedman (@aimeefriedman) May 14, 2018

Yes Meghan, a lion almost ate me when I was a kid and I used my super human strength to leap to my feet to deflect a shot from my dad’s shotgun. #ARoyalRomance #HarryAndMeghan

— Yvette (@atleve) May 14, 2018

Please say there are falling stars, right now, while Meghan talks about her blog. @lifetimetv #HarryandMeghan #ARoyalRomance @royalweddingpod

— Kristen Meinzer (@kristenmeinzer) May 14, 2018

She gave it up on the second date, some females give it up at a club in a bathroom with a stranger 🤷🏾‍♀️. #ARoyalRomance

— _6713._ (@_NJ6713) May 14, 2018

Side note: I hope they put on mosquito repellent. Bites on the bits, not ideal.#ARoyalRomance

— Meaghan W. Haxton (@theladyhaxton) May 14, 2018

Harry and Megan mated in Botswana, and so did two lions outside their tent.

Hopefully one of them wasn’t Diana Spirit Lion, cause that would be awks. #ARoyalRomance

— Shut up, BRENDA (@amber_lcarter) May 14, 2018

Hating on Kate

Fake Kate (Laura Mitchell) was super critical of Meghan and counseled Harry against pursuing a relationship … and Twitter wasn’t having it.

Wow! Painting Kate as a racist. Not cool. Done. #ARoyalRomance

— Laura (@ReallyLaLa1) May 14, 2018

I know this is only a movie, but I highly doubt that Kate is this stuck up. She went through an equally amount of chaos with the press for the majority of her adult life. #ARoyalRomance

— Angela Dawn (@AngelaDawn623) May 14, 2018

Why are Will and Kate being made to look bad and rude in this movie? #HarryAndMeghan #ARoyalRomance #LifetimeMovies #LifetimeTV

— Samus Aran (@SamusAran2020) May 14, 2018

Bye, Bella

Bella, a completely fabricated character, spilled the English breakfast tea on what it’s really like being a member of the royal family — and tried to intimidate the hell out of our heroine. She’s the Regina George of Buckingham Palace, so of course Twitter dragged her.

@lifetimetv Chiiiilllle….this Bella though….#ARoyalRomance

— Marisa Tigney (@LovelymarisaT) May 14, 2018

Bella, sweetie. Megan is there and Megan is there to stay. #ARoyalRomance

— – (@BODAKYELLO) May 14, 2018

Yeah don’t touch the hair babe. #HarryAndMeghan #ARoyalRomance

— Royal Suitor (@royal_suitor) May 14, 2018

Oh Bella, let me have 5 seconds with you. #ARoyalRomance

— magnolia darjeeling (@magnoliadarjeel) May 14, 2018

Making a Statement

Just like in real life, Harry issued a scathing rebuke of the press and public for their treatment of Meghan. Unlike in real life, it led to a brief breakup … and corny airport reunion.

I love Prince Harry going alpha male. Mad gingers are hot. Someone please help me.#ARoyalRomance

— Melissa Sykes (@mcs08f) May 14, 2018

“I’ll tweet it myself” is the most 2016ish threat I’ve ever heard #ARoyalRomance

— Christi Trottie (@ChristiTrottie) May 14, 2018


Harry coming with that statement

— – (@BODAKYELLO) May 14, 2018

#ARoyalRomance yall got me emotionally eating with this break up

— Mexican Coke (@superappyjuice) May 14, 2018

Meghan really popped off during that dialogue!!! Although y’all are not gonna convince me Meghan didn’t know about the statement beforehand lol. #ARoyalRomance

— Harry & Meghan (@WalesAndMarkle) May 14, 2018

Stop it MEGANNNN #ARoyalRomance

— Lindsey Nicole (@LIND_817) May 14, 2018

Did they just have a Bodyguard moment #ARoyalRomance ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

❤Felicia Wilkerson❤ (@wilkerson036) May 14, 2018

Lol, this airport scene 99% didn’t happen. 😂😂😂#ARoyalRomance

— Jennifer (@Paper_Heart_Jen) May 14, 2018

She Said Yes

Harry and Meghan said they got engaged while cooking a roast chicken during a quiet night at home, but the Lifetime movie delayed the sweet scene.


— Sade Sellers (@IAMSadeSellers) May 14, 2018

I guess baking cookies = roasting chicken = 😉#ARoyalRomance

— Sonya (@heyitssonya01) May 14, 2018

I yelled at my tv “The chicken!!!” #aroyalromance

— Princess Shuri (@MissIVY_League) May 14, 2018

Happily Ever After

One montage set to a 1990s pop song and fading into real footage later, that’s a wrap!

I can no longer tell FakeHarry and FakeMeghan from #harryandmeghan So, well done #ARoyalRomance.

— Lygia Day Peñaflor (@lygiaday) May 14, 2018

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