Primal Challenge Point: Test Vitamin D Levels

Inline_Live-Awesome-645x445-04“In the winter months, when the sun’s rays are not intense enough to generate sufficient vitamin D production (this is the case for three to five months per year for locations in North American—you know it’s downtime for D when you can’t get a tan even with prolonged sun exposure), supplements and safe-designated artificial tanning implements can be useful or even essential if you are at high risk for deficiency.

If you have an indoor-dominant lifestyle or even a hint of aforementioned risk factors, you should regularly test your blood for vitamin D. (Make sure it’s for ’25-vitamin D’ or ‘serum 25(OH)D.’ You can order this test directly from an online provider like direct or, if you are getting a routine checkup, insist they include vitamin D in your blood panels. (Unfortunately, it’s often not included.)”

—From The New Primal Blueprint

For more on vitamin D sources, deficiency, testing and recommended levels, see The New Primal Blueprint or check out past articles on MDA.


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