​​Multitasker’s Paradise

Whenever we travel to visit with BDB professionals or fans
from another country, we walk away with a wealth of knowledge we could not have

On our recent trip to England, I met Kerie Hoy, the queen of
BDB in the UK. Kerie knows everything eyebrows she simply knows BDB inside and


Not to toot our own horn, but you know we love our own
products; We want the world to use and love them, and we use them every day

So, how is it that Kerie totally schooled me on amazing
things that can be done with BDB products? Turns out, most of the cosmetics we
offer are multitasking heroes.

Like you, we are incredibly busy people, that’s why we love
easy to use, gorgeous products that get results, but we also love multitaskers.
Over the next few days, we will be sharing some of Kerie’s super-secret life
hacks made possible with fabulous, safe, vegan friendly, not tested on animals,
Billion Dollar Brows products.

We will start with the simplest no-brainer multi-use as a teaser:

I sat across from Kerie and watched her take our Universal
Brow Pencil and line her eyes, top and bottom. The neutral, universally
flattering color set off her eyes and the no-tug creamy formula went on like a

Tired of basic black? Give taupe a try! Tune in tomorrow for
another super-useful and clever tip!

The source | Compaign 35

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