Meet Baby Chanco — the 6-Month-Old Whose Amazing Hair is Taking the Internet by Storm

A 6-month-old Japanese girl has captured the hearts of Internet users anywhere, but not because of her chubby cheeks or big, round eyes. It’s all because of her voluminous head of hair.

Baby Chanco, as she’s called, has amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers since the first photo of her full, dark hair appeared on the social media site. Chanco was born in December 2017 with a head full of hair, according to And her mane has showed no signs of slowing down.

Her Instagram account, aptly titled “Hair Diary,” features photos of the infant napping, playing, enjoying bath time and even getting a hair cut. Although Baby Chanco’s hair is quite impressive on its own, her dark locks sometimes feature adorable bows and other hair accessories.

Baby Chanco isn’t the first little one to boast such an impressive head of hair, though.

Baby Chancobabychanco/Instagram

In 2016, Isabelle Kaplan was born with a thick mane that some compared to Ron Burgundy, the character played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman. Isabelle’s father, Dave Kaplan, who was born with similar hair, told PEOPLE then that he never expected Isabelle would have such a thick, full ‘do.

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“We were expecting to see a bald head or perhaps a little fluff, he said. “When she came out with a hair helmet, we couldn’t believe it. And now, compared to her newborn photos, she really has a full head of hair. It’s grown out quite a bit.”

Isabelle’s mother, Mackenzie, added: “When she’s older, it will be fun to show her all of the photos but right now, she’s just enjoying her first giggles. From the get-go, she’s been a very good baby. She’s the best gift we’ve ever had.”

Just a few months later, then-2-month-old Coral Rader made headlines thanks to her impressive brown tresses. babychanco/Instagram

Coral’s father, Mike Rader, told PEOPLE at the time that strangers couldn’t get enough of the infant’s hair.

“It’s all the time,” Mike said then. “People crowd around and look at her and ask about her hair.”

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