MAD LIBS: Indie Female Musician Album Review Edition

by Anna Fitzpatrick

stvincent[Earlier this week]

Listening to [name of female musician’s] latest album, one is startled to learn the diminutive [hair color] ingenue is in fact wise beyond her years. Though she looks like a [nonthreatening woodland creature], she possesses an ethereal skill when playing the [instrument that said female musician is known to play]. Unlike [mainstream female popstar], she writes her own songs, reminiscent of [90s singer/songwriter named Fiona or Tori]. One can imagine her taut [body part] [verb]ing as she [sound a bird makes] through whimsical lyrics. There is a dark sophistication to these songs, no doubt thanks to [male producer who was only tangentially involved with the making of this album]. The maturity of this album compared to her previous work, [album name], implies a loss of innocence brought on by [event from personal life], a sign that [name of female musician] is ready to [verb] the [adjective] [noun] in the [noun], so to speak. Tracks 2 and 4 are especially erotic, songs that you’ll hear with your [euphemism for boner] as much as with your ears.


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