Katy Perry Rates Her Lovers from Worst to Best (and You Won’t Believe Who’s in Last Place!)

Katy Perry has no qualms about kissing and telling.

The 32-year-old sat down with James Corden on Sunday during her weekend-long livestream (in partnership with YouTube) on her personal YouTube channel, and opened up about how her past loves have fared in the bedroom.

Perry and the Late Late Show host played a revealing game in which they had to answer a random question or eat (or drink) a not-so-tasty snack. (Some options? Beef tongue and bird saliva, to name a few.) A brave Perry didn’t back down when asked to rate her famous lovers — from worst to best.

The “Roar” singer listed Diplo, 38, first,  meaning that she had deemed him her worst sex partner (the two briefly dated in 2014). Next up, Perry listed her latest love Orlando Bloom.

VIDEO | Check out Katy ranked her lovers from best to worst:
1 – John
2 – Orlando
3 – Diplo pic.twitter.com/NmDPUMGJSu

— John Mayer Snaps (@johnmayersnaps) June 11, 2017

Katy Perry Says She Forgives Taylor Swift and Wants ‘the Best for Her’ After Years-Long Feud

Bloom, 40, and Perry announced the end of their year-long relationship in February.

Snagging the top spot in Perry’s list was John Mayer, whom the singer dated twice before they finally called it quits in 2015.

Although Mayer, 39, may have come out the victor in Perry’s list of lovers, there’s one man the star had high hopes for: Josh Groban.

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Perry called the 36-year-old, with whom she was linked to in 2009, the one that got away.

The “Waking Up in Vegas” singer has been giving fans a close look at her life in the live stream as part of the release of her brand new “purposeful pop” albumWitness.

Perry has been showing everything she’s doing in the Los Angeles residence where she’s set up camp — from meditation and yoga classes to dance parties and evening sleeps.

Later on during Sunday’s livestream, Perry also revealed during a glam session with YouTube star Patrick Starrr that her former lovers could attest to her skills in one special area — making sandwiches.

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