How To Make The Most Pho-King Delicious Soup Ever

A hearty beef noodle soup that’s *so* worth the wait.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

For the uninitiated, it has a clear chicken- or beef-based broth, thinly sliced meats, and — depending on the region — a small mountain of fresh herbs. The flavorful broth takes two days to make, which is why homemade pho is reserved for only the most special occasions. For my family, pho is an event, and I wrote an essay on how, as refugees in the U.S., my family would make pho to transport them back to Vietnam, a country divided by war.

This variety is a little more elaborate than the northern style. It uses thin rice noodles, a more fish sauce–forward beef broth, several cuts of beef, and a generous amount of bean sprouts, basil, hoisin sauce, lime, and chiles. I learned most of my pho-making techniques by watching my grandmother for many, many years. But procuring details, like measurements, from my grandmother was impossible — she has a sixth sense for good flavor, and in her kitchen, everything is estimated, added, and reduced by taste.

She, like my grandmother, makes a legendary pho. It’s an extremely time-consuming endeavor (which is why you should make as much as they can at once) — but so, so worth it. Here’s how to make it.

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