How an oil cleanser changed my skincare regimen for good

I love wearing makeup. Sparkly eyeshadows applied over priming cream. Creamy blushes spread onto the apples of my cheeks. Thick, glittery lip glosses. The darkest mascaras, applied in several coats to get me as close as possible to the faux lashes I\’d rather not pony up the cash to buy. And I top it all off with four sprays of makeup-setting spray. But as much as I love wearing makeup, I have a dirty secret (and no, it\’s not that I\’m too old to wear glittery lip gloss — don\’t be so judgy). It\’s that I hate washing my face.

I\’ve awakened many mornings to the raccoon eyes caused by my absolute refusal to take off my waterproof mascara before bed. It just feels like too many steps: Eye makeup remover on cotton balls, cleanser, wash, rinse, repeat. And even then, it\’s rare I feel like my face is truly clean.

That is until I got a free sample of Bare Minerals’ Oil Obsessed Total Cleaning Oil.

I have to admit, I was skeptical. The idea that my makeup-packed face could be cleaned by using oil? Well, it didn’t seem to make any logical sense. With my combination skin, why would I want anything oily to make my T-zone shine any more than it already did? A beauty editor friend had been touting cleansing oil for nearly a year, and I finally acquiesced. I was ready to try it.

Within weeks, I swear my skin was smoother, breakout free and – I apologize for being totally cliché here – glowing. At $30, it’s pricier than some drugstore brands but more affordable than some other products.

The concept behind oil cleansing is that the oil interacts with your skin\’s natural oils to remove the excess. You know how oil naturally separates from water? Well, oil cleansers are supposedly superior because that natural separation doesn\’t occur. However it works, it\’s honestly the most amazing thing I\’ve put on my face in a long time. And mostly because it caters to my inner lazy girl while also being a damn good cleanser.

The bottle says to use 3-4 pumps, though I usually use only two. It\’s super lightweight, plus it smells good (bonus!). Using my fingers, I spread it all over my face. Then once it\’s completely covered, I wet my fingertips, turning the oil into kind of a milky substance. I splash my face with water, dry it off and boom — my towel comes away without the telltale black marks I usually get when I usually wash off my mascara.

See there? Not only did I get to indulge my lazy nature when it comes to washing my face, I also made my laundry a little easier to do. And if one skincare product can do both those things, well, I call that a win.


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