Green Tea (EGCG) Improves Body Weight and Autoimmune Arthritis

It is well known that the excessive inflammation generated by the overweight condition can cause the immune system to hyper malfunction leading to an increased risk for autoimmune problems in overweight people. In the current animal study, both obesity and autoimmune arthritis were experimentally produced while some mice were given EGCG to see if it could help.

The mice were fed a high fat diet to cause obesity. In the mice also given EGCG, the weight was reduced as was the infiltration of fat into the liver while also improving cholesterol and triglyceride profiles. EGCG specifically reduced the inflammatory profile that provokes immune inefficiency and potential risk for autoimmune problems. This part of the experiment is consistent with existing human studies on green tea and weight management.

The researchers also tested green tea in another type of mouse that is a model for studying autoimmune arthritis. In these mice, EGCG significantly changes the faulty signaling of the immune system.

The researchers conclude by saying that EGCG shows promise for treating autoimmune conditions such as inflammatory arthritis or that are linked to metabolic syndrome.

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