Friendly Flora Improves Fatty Liver Disease

Fifty-two patients diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease were placed on a lifestyle improvement plan and probiotic/prebiotic supplement twice a day for 28 weeks; the control group of patients only did lifestyle improvement. At the end of the study, the supplemented group improved their liver enzymes, reduced liver inflammation, and had a 300% reduction in the formation of fibrous tissue liver injury, compared to the control group.

This is the latest study highlighting the extreme importance of digestive health to overall metabolic health. Your digestive tract and liver have their own circulatory system which is vital for the absorption and transport of nutrients to the liver for processing. If digestive contents are imbalanced, then toxic trash also heads towards the liver. Such trash burden can be a primary reason for liver malfunction, making the liver even less able to metabolize the calories that are consumed.

This study used a friendly flora probiotic with a prebiotic fiber like FOS, which helps the bacteria grow. This is typically how a good friendly flora supplement is formulated. The results were rather astounding, showing a lowering of liver enzymes, a reduction in liver inflammation (CRP, TNFa, and NF-kappaB), as well as a reduction in liver tissue damage.

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