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According to the health
diagnostic website Right Diagnosis, there are more than 45 official diagnoses
that can lead to the medical condition known as Absent Eyebrows. As you
might guess based on the name, Absent Eyebrows is a condition in which eyebrows
are either seriously compromised or completely missing.

Life without brows can be
challenging; they are such an important part of human expression and
communication in addition to simply enhancing beauty. The hands-down easiest
way to defeat Absent Eyebrows is with good quality cosmetics. A Brow
and a skillfully wielded Universal Brow Pencil are all you
need to hide imperfections!

I have a rare genetic
condition called Davis Syndrome. Thankfully, I don’t have a severe case,
I just have really pale, sensitive skin and my eyebrows are so light and thin
they might as well not even be there. Not to sound shallow, but makeup changed
my life.

When I was young, I
seriously looked like an albino. My brows were virtually invisible and
the hairs that were there numbered about 20 per brow.

By the time I started high
school, I learned to draw on my brows and I have been good at it from the
start. I just follow the natural pattern of my hair growth. When I look
back, the biggest mistakes I’ve made involve bad color choices. For example,
there was a time in the 90s when I used a brown pencil that looked red when
applied. Not good!

Wendy Moore,

Grapevine, TX

The source | Compaign 35

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