Fitness Star Emily Skye Tried to Take Her Life at 18: ‘I Struggled Pretty Badly with Depression’

Fitness influencer Emily Skye says she battled depression at a young age, and tried to commit suicide at age 18.

The Australian trainer, 33, talked to Women’s Health Australia about the importance of mental health.

“It’s the most important thing,” Skye said. “I struggled pretty badly with depression for a long time and tried to end my life when I was about 18 … Now I think back to that and see it’s so important to talk about things, especially with young girls. A lot of people feel ashamed to have these feelings, but it’s actually a lot more common than we think. If we talked about it more, maybe we could help more people.”

Skye said this was also during a time in her life when she thought it was better to be thin than strong.

“When I was a lot younger, I thought it was all about being skinny, so I did a lot of cardio and I wasn’t eating much. I thought to be lean you had to eat less, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said. “Then I started lifting weights, and met my partner who I’ve been with now for eight years … I loved the look of a strong woman; that’s what I wanted to be, strong and healthy. That’s when I started doing posts to educate people.”

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Skye has since built a workout empire — she’s worth an estimated $25 million U.S. and was named to the Australian Financial Review‘s Young Rich list last year — on being strong and healthy. But she also credits her success to being honest with her followers.

“It’s become a trend now for people to be more honest, which is good, but I started years ago before it was the trendy thing,” she said. “It was a bit scary to put myself out there and be so vulnerable, but I had a great response. I got fed up with seeing perfection everywhere — you want to see all parts, not just highlight reels — so I show a bit of everything and people do really appreciate it, especially throughout pregnancy because I think a lot of women struggle with the changes to their body. They see a fitness expert who’s changed and has fat, fluid, cellulite and everything else, and they feel like, ‘Oh God, she’s normal!’ ”

Skye said she’s now in a great place in her life, where she’s truly happy.

“S—-y things happen and bad days — I used to be the person who looked at what I didn’t have and let it consume me, but then I flipped that way of thinking,” she said. “I started doing this before I actually achieved anything — really focusing on what I had rather than what I didn’t, and being grateful. I’m genuinely happy.”

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