Find Out Why Corinne Olympios Is on Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette Premiere Episode

Villains gotta vill … but not all the time.

If you thought you’d seen the last of Corinne Olympios, one of Bachelor Nation’s most famed villains to date, well, not so fast. She’s back for this season’s Bachelorette premiere, but don’t expect any topless photo shoots or whipped cream shenanigans — she’s just there to give some advice to leading lady Rachel Lindsay as she prepares to embark on her journey to find love.

“I was lucky to come out of Nick’s season with amazing friends,” gushes Lindsay, 31, in a sneak peek at Monday’s premiere first shared by E! News. “They know exactly what I went through, they know what it’s like to go through this process, so their advice to me is crucial going into tonight.”

Lindsay then sits down with a few of her fellow Bachelor alums, including Olympios, Raven Gates, Alexis Waters and Kristina Schulman.

“I’m nervous to meet the guys,” she admits. “I’m nervous just for the whole thing to kick off.”

“I feel like you need to totally let your feelings be in control of all of this,” advises Olympios. “You need to give them all a chance and let your feelings be like, ‘Yep!’ or ‘Nope!’ ”

Waters — who famously showed up in a dolphin costume on Nick Viall‘s season — also has an important piece of advice for Lindsay.

“Don’t judge anybody if they come in a costume,” she says. “Because they might be the most amazing person ever.” (She’s not wrong.)

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As for Lindsay? She promises to do her best to keep an open mind.

“One of my fears is that I might let someone go who I didn’t give a fair chance to,” she admits. “I’m trying so hard to not get in my head.”

“It’s no secret that I was extremely skeptical,” she says, reflecting on her time on Viall’s season. “I had a date week five, but Raven had a date week four. And I’ll never forget this — I wanted to ask advice, and you were so forthcoming. Your advice to me was: ‘Rachel, you just have to let yourself fall.’ That was a turning point for me. That’s when I started to be open and vulnerable.”

Stay tuned! The Bachelorette premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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