‘Fake Teeth!’ Late-Night Hosts Unanimous in Their Theory About Donald Trump’s Slurred Speech

Towards the end of his speech on Israel Wednesday, Donald Trump noticeably slurred his words, prompting many to come up with theories about why the commander-in-chief suddenly had a lisp.

The most popular theory was that the president could be wearing dentures or other dental prosthetics, and the country’s late-night hosts, including Trevor Noah and James Corden, did not brush off the speculations during their monologues Wedneday.

The Daily Show‘s Noah had #DentureDonald trending on social media after tweeting, “Trump announces that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and all hell breaks loose between his tongue and teeth. #DentureDonald.”

Noah, 33, told viewers: “We all know what’s going on here. President Donald Trump is wearing dentures, people. This used to happen to my grandfather all the time. His dentures would start falling out and he wouldn’t be able to finish his sentence. Think about it: Have you seen Trump eat an apple or a pear? Or fruits and vegetables of any kind? Think about it. Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan. There’s no part of his body that’s real.”

Meanwhile, Corden described his own interpretation of Trump’s slurred speech on The Late Late Show.

“I knew he had a screw loose, I didn’t know he had a tooth loose,” he said.

Trump announces that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and all hell breaks loose between his tongue and teeth. #DentureDonald
Full episode: https://t.co/DJZoI9j8Yo pic.twitter.com/nCciSWuJJ1

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) December 7, 2017


“Forget the Mueller investigation, we need a molar investigation.”

@Trevornoah #DentureDonald

— Bushy ッ (@JacobBush16) December 7, 2017


Suffering Succotash 😂😂😂pic.twitter.com/QvVRscnZ6V



Shout out to the WH employee who watered down #DentureDonald‘s polident glue today. 😂

Welcome to the resistance. ✊https://t.co/wkF4lHAEjw

— Hillary Still BAE 💙 (@Hillary16IsBAE) December 7, 2017


Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who guest hosted for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, mentioned Trump’s speaking impediment, saying, “I’m not going to make fun of his politics, I’m not going to pick apart his policies on healthcare or taxes. I’ll let others do that. I am, however, going to make fun of the super-weird way he spoke during a press conference this morning.”

Trump trying to say ‘United States.’ pic.twitter.com/hJsJ0p9Thh

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) December 7, 2017


Late Show host Stephen Colbert also poked fun at Trump’s inability to pronounce “United States” correctly in his monologue.

Social media, particularly Twitter, had an absolute field day about the probabilities of Trump’s teeth being his own.

Trump’s teeth are #FakeChews

— Bryan Brinkman (@bryanbrinkman) December 6, 2017


Trump trying to keep his awful teeth in his mouth is whatever the opposite of ASMR is. pic.twitter.com/UcYp9H3g5b

— chris person (@Papapishu) December 6, 2017


Even Trump’s teeth are trying to distance themselves from him.

— Duane Goad (@DuaneGoad) December 6, 2017



Trump’s dentures have joined #TheResistance 😂
His teeth fell out during his #Jerusalem speech.
“God blesh the United Shesh”🤡pic.twitter.com/RWwBrmfUzT

— ❅ℕ𝕚𝕂𝕂𝕚❅ (@HeyNikki1) December 6, 2017


OK. In re the weird Trump mush-mouth thing.

Does he wear dentures? I’ve never seen a reference to that.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) December 6, 2017


Trump’s entire speech regarding Israel was live-streamed on Periscope and has been viewed by over a million users.

This isn’t the president’s first time he’s been ridiculed mid-speech.

In an awkward moment during a November address, Trump paused in the middle of a live speech at the White House to search for a drink of water. After checking under his lectern and coming up empty-handed, Trump was directed to a small table nearby stocked with Fiji water bottles. He then picked up a bottle with both hands and took a sip — a gesture that quickly captured the internet’s attention.

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