Did You Know All The Vine Stars Live In The Same Building In Hollywood???

Oh my God. Did you know that like basically all the Vine stars live in the same building? And it’s in Hollywood, on Vine? Why and how! And to make matters worse, this insane crazy profile of Vine star Logan Paul says it gets nuttier:


I learn there are actually two potential MTV shows in the works, according to Logan. There’s one about him and Jake, “two kids from Ohio who know how to make videos on the internet and do it because it’s fun and makes us money,” and one Logan tells me is tentatively called “Hollywood and Vine,” about this friend group of Vine stars who all ended up living on Vine Street. Both shows would feature Logan starring as Logan.

I can’t even??? You have to read this, you’ll feel like you’re MELTING THROUGH SPACE AND TIME. Like, what is capitalism now even!

Just never forget how flexible Logan Paul is.

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