Blah to Beautiful in Seconds? No Sweat

I rarely share personal
stories on this blog, but today will be an exception.

Last Friday, I was scheduled
to attend a semi-formal affair a few hours from home. No problem! I
packed my dress, applied my makeup, and hit the road arriving a few hours
before the event was scheduled to begin.

Upon checking into my hotel,
I realized the long drive left my face looking flat and my makeup appearing
tired. Ugh!

I had time on my side so I
opted to hit the cosmetics counter at a department store down the street for
some expert help. I asked the specialist behind the counter to brighten
my eyes. She did–updating my eyeliner and fixing my eye shadow–but
something was still missing.

I’m sure it was against
company policy, but I whipped my BDB Brow Duo Pencil out of my purse and
asked her to add it to the mix. As a representative of a different
cosmetics company, she was hesitant but they simply don’t offer a similar

The end result? She
LOVED it. She smudged beneath my brows and at strategic points all over my
face. I walked out of the store after leaving her some BDB product names and
the web address and looking a billion times better.

A touch of highlighter,
especially a luxe, creamy, blendable one like Brow Duo, takes you from blah to
beautiful in mere seconds. No wonder it’s considered the “secret weapon”
of our stylists!

The source | Compaign 35

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