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Harissa Shakshuka With Spinach & Chickpeas

Bring big flavor to the table with this Israeli-inspired dish. Cooking the eggs sunny-side up in a rich tomato sauce imbues them with umami, and a light crumble of feta adds a salty pop to every bite.

Dragon Fruit, Pineapple & Chia Smoothie Bowl

You can thank frozen dragon fruit puree for this vibrant knock-out of a bowl, and tropical toppings give it an I’m-on-holiday vibe, perfect for a chilly, blustery day. Want to make a vegan version? Use coconut yogurt in place of the Greek.

Sausage & Kale Strata

This take on a classic casserole is hearty but won’t weigh your guests down. Gruyère, sausage, and kale is a great seasonal combo; swapping in wholegrain bread adds extra nutrition and staying power. Assembling everything the night before gives the bread the chance to soak up the liquid.

Winter Citrus Salad With Yogurt & Granola

So much more than a plain-Jane fruit plate, this gorgeous, sweet-tart salad makes the most of winter’s best citrus. The bright fruit is layered over honey-spiked yogurt and is topped with crunchy pistachios and granola. Look for a low-sugar variety of granola.

Broccoli–Caramelized Onion Quiche With Quinoa Crust

Skip the fussy pastry and use cooked quinoa to make a nutty, wholegrain crust. Caramelized onions give this savory crowd-pleaser a touch of sweetness, while broccoli brings a bevy of vitamins and antioxidants. The whole package is less heavy than a traditional quiche, but just as satisfying.

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Get your baked-good fix with these tender, lightly spiced muffins topped with tangy cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of walnuts. Not only are they lower in sugar and higher in fiber than a traditional pastry but they also take a fraction of the time to prep.

Veggie Enchiladas with Creamy Poblano Sauce

Get your Mexican-food fix with produce-packed enchiladas. The beans and cheese mean this vegetarian dish is already protein-rich, but you can add shredded rotisserie chicken for an extra hit.

Shrimp and Grits

This lighter, lemony version of the Southern classic brings all of the dish’s richness and flavor, with none of the heaviness. Patting the shrimp dry before cooking helps develop a delicious caramelization.

Oven-Fried Chicken

A baked version of a home-style favorite delivers the crispy, crunchy pleasure of fried chicken without the, well, frying. You’ll save on fat, calories, and cleaning up a big mess. (You’re welcome.) Serve with a green salad for a dinner you can feel great about adding to your weekly routine.

Sausage and Kale Baked Pasta Alfredo

We dialed back the sausage, boosted the veg way up, and swapped in whole-grain noodles for a dish that’s so good, you’ll wonder why you ever made baked pasta any other way.