6 Women Share Why They Don’t Let Cellulite Keep Them From Wearing a Bikini

Now that bikini season is upon us, you’re probably seeing lots of bare stomachs, hips, and thighs at the pool or beach. But thanks to body positive movement, you’re also probably seeing more cellulite. Once considered a body flaw, cellulite has been embraced by an increasing number of women—who refuse to be shamed into covering up simply because the skin on their lower body has totally normal dimples.

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To celebrate what real beach bodies look like, we’ve rounded up photos and quotes from six beach-loving women, who prove that having cellulite can’t keep you from having a blast on the sand and surf. 

Kerestin Walker (@bigbodymami)

“Beach day…ayeeeee” she captioned her photo.

Leuryck Ortiz Valentín (@leuryck_valentin)

”No apologies for living my life and [loving] my body just the way it is,” Valentin shared.

Jennipher Oglesby (@fit_jennipher)

”Learning to be at peace with things I can’t change (like having cellulite on my thighs),” Oglesby wrote in her post.

Natalie Lorenzo (@lordenzo__)

“Rolls, celluLIT & varicose veins are cute bro,” Lorenzo shared.

Carmen Rene @eatthecaketoo

“80 degrees in SoCal what else do you do!” Rene wrote. “Oh by the way, this is my ‘beach body’ and it’s amazing.”

Carli Jay (@misscarlijay_healthyliving)

“My biggest piece of advice is that bikini season is for everyone!” she told Health in April. “You need to own it no matter what size or shape you are. I rocked a bikini at 280 pounds on the beach because this girl wanted a tan—and no one was going to stop me!”

If you’ve been shy about showing the so-called imperfect skin on your belly, hips, and thighs, let these amazing women inspire you to get into your swimsuit. 

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