23 Camping Recipes Your Summer 100% Needs

S’mores and then some.

Campfire Mac n Cheese

Campfire Mac n Cheese

Because I refuse to live in a world where I can’t have mac ‘n’ cheese anywhere I want. Get the recipe.

Lauren’s Latest / Via laurenslatest.com

Campfire Strawberries

Campfire Strawberries

Strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff and toasted over an open flame. GENIUS. Get the recipe.

The Kitchn / Via thekitchn.com

Campfire French Toast

Campfire French Toast

If you can’t find the pre-mixed egg batter in this recipe, it’s easy enough to whip up a batch yourself to freeze and chuck in your camping cooler – it’s just egg, vanilla, cinnamon and milk! Get the recipe.

This Lil Piglet / Via thislilpiglet.net

S’mores Granola

S'mores Granola

Gooey warm marshmallow and chocolate breakfast granola. Because your breakfast deserves it. Get the recipe.

The Big Man’s World / Via thebigmansworld.com

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