21 Foods From Barbados You Need In Your Life

Bread and two for life.

Cou cou

Cou cou

What it is: Similar to grits, this is part of the national dish of Barbados – flying fish and cou cou. It's made with cornmeal and okra, and is served with flying fish and gravy.


Why you should try it: On its own, it's a staple dish that can be added to most any meal with meat and fish to give it a bit more heft.

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Flying fish

What it is: This dish is exactly what you’d think it would be — cooked flying fish. It's usually prepared with a little salt and pepper or with special Bajan seasoning. The fish is either fried or steamed with sliced onions and cherry tomatoes.

Why you should try it: It's the national dish of Barbados for a reason – it's a staple food that can be fried, steamed, baked, or pickled.

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Rice and peas

What it is: A blend of rice and savory pigeon peas, which is usually served as a side to fried fish, chicken, pork, or beef stew.

Why you should try it: It really is the quintessential West Indian food – it goes with most anything and is just as good and filling on its own.

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Salt bread

What it is: Unlike most Barbados breads, salt bread is savory. It's typically used for cutters (sandwiches) but makes a delicious dinner roll next to fried flying fish.

Why you should try it: It's great with a dab of butter or cheese and can make up a snack in between meals or accompany a full meal.

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