Sunday, November 17th, 2019


Jordan defends Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine

Congressman Jim Jordan said the White House delayed the release of the aid package to ensure Ukraine would use the funds wisely

Lady Gaga Sports Waist-Length Pink Hair at Sarah Tanno’s Wedding – Photos

This weekend, Lady Gaga was seen in Mexico at the wedding of her makeup artist and best friend, Sarah Tanno. She sported waist-length pink hair and a matching pink bridesmaid dress at the ceremony. See all the evidence and learn more about the nuptials, here.

Exclusive Interview With Seth Meyers On How He Met And Fell For His Wife — Human Rights Attorney Alexi Ashe

Photo: Getty In this exclusive interview, Seth Meyers — “Late Night” host, former “Saturday Night Live” head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor, and star of the new Netflix special “Lobby Baby” — shares sweet details about how he met and fell in love with wife Alexi Ashe Meyers, and what makes their marriage work. Keywords: celebrity couples, celebrity marriage, comedy, late night, love, Marriage, Saturday Night Live, SNL, late night TV, seth meyers, netflix, stand up comedy, Netflix Originals, alexi ashe, netflix shows, entertainment and news read more

Why Didn’t More Fans Watch The New Charlie’s Angels Movie?

There’s always more than one reason why any movie disappoints at the box office.

Blake Lively Is Back To Her Old Instagram Tricks To Promote The Rhythm Section

Blake Lively truly is a social media master.

House Intel Dem: Trump shows “pattern of witness intimidation”

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley said on “Face the Nation” that President Trump has a history of talking like a “mobster”

Commentary: The quiet voices of public servants stepping forward

Who are the people who are often conducting diplomacy behind the scenes stepping forward in the highly publicized impeachment probe against President Trump?

Ford V Ferrari Box Office: Matt Damon And Christian Bale’s New Movie Cruises To Victory

Over the past decade or so, studios have consistently prioritized rebooting or extending once popular franchises rather than greenlighting movies based around original characters. The thought process has been that audiences would be more likely to support things with prior name recognition.

Full interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Margaret Brennan sits down with Speaker Pelosi to talk all things impeachment probe.

Fans Get ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ Trending On Justice League’s 2-Year Anniversary

These Justice League fans are doing everything they can to get Warner Bros. to hear them.