Thursday, September 12th, 2019


Уход за кожей после проведения лазерной эпиляции

Лазерная эпиляция стала в последнее время очень популярной процедурой. Она предполагает полное удаление волос на определенном участке тела. Но не все, к сожалению, обращают должное внимание на то, как правильно обеспечить качественный уход за кожей после вышеуказанной манипуляции. Невыполнение, казалось бы, простых рекомендаций, может привести к очень неприятным последствиям в будущем. Может показаться, что после […]

How to watch the third 2020 Democratic presidential debate

Thursday’s matchup could show more confrontation between leading contenders, as only 10 candidates qualified

In epidemic of mass shootings, ammo makers dodge blame

Unlike firearms manufacturers, ammo makers have largely escaped public scrutiny for gun violence — that may be changing

Democrats face off in third 2020 primary debate

Ten candidates will be on stage for the third Democratic primary debate, including Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren

How Kamala Harris’ education at a black college shaped her

Harris’ former sorority sisters are hoping that the third presidential debate, located at a historically black college, will give her candidacy a boost

DOJ may pursue charges against former FBI official Andrew McCabe

The Department of Justice rejected former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe’s appeal to avoid being charged for lying. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid takes a look at the ‘bad blood’ between President Trump and McCabe.

Todd Phillips Says DC’s Joker Is A Movie Marvel Couldn’t Make

The director of the violent, R-rated, controversial film is probably right.

Demi Lovato Dyed Her Hair Neon Green — Photos

Demi Lovato posted to her Instagram Stories that “my nails match my hair,” referring to neon green nail art that’s the same color as the last inch of her layered lob, which is also neon green with a hint of a warm transition shade between her dark brown length and dip-dyed ends.

Why Joker’s Success Could Be A Big Deal For Future DC Movies

Todd Phillips’ standalone film is positioned for critical, commercial and perhaps awards success. That could influence the kinds of risks DC takes in the future.

Ryan Reynolds Shares Hilarious Deadpool 2 Set Visit Including A Car Crash And Josh Brolin

One sarcastic quip coming up!