Wednesday, September 11th, 2019


Trump administration isn’t granting temporary protection for Bahamians

Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas, leaving thousands homeless

Sleep Position Unlikely to Harm Baby in Pregnancy

At the end of pregnancy, a woman’s uterus and the baby take up a large portion of the body. The resource:27

EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals

The EPA has long required that new chemicals be tested on a variety of animals — including rats, dogs, birds and fish — to assess their toxicity. The percentage of tests that involve mammals was not immediately available from the EPA. The resource:27

Government watchdog to probe Trump’s land seizures to build wall

Congress’ independent watchdog will investigate the administration’s intensifying efforts to seize private land to build barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border

Trump administration trying to ban flavored e-cigarettes

The president called reporters to the Oval Office unexpectedly Wednesday

Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Responds To Writer Departure

The director of Crazy Rich Asians speaks out about the pay-gap issue.

No, Leonardo DiCaprio Was Never Considered For The Joker

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was not being sought to play the Clown Prince of Crime before Joaquin Phoenix came aboard.

Tom Holland Explains Why His Spider-Man Is ‘More Interesting’ Than Past Versions

And an Avenger! Was Tobey or Andrew an Avenger? Nope!

Jessica Chastain On IT Chapter Two’s Bloody Scenes: ‘It Was Really Gross’

Sounds about right.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Could Get A Miniseries, According To Brad Pitt

The Once Upon A Time actor talks about what could be happening with the movie.