Monday, July 1st, 2019


Best New K-Beauty Makeup and Skin-Care Launches of July 2019

Get details on the most anticipated new beauty products from Korea hitting shelves in May, including brands like Innisfree, Mediheal, Keep Cool and more.

Most Americans Have Never Had an HIV Test: CDC

Less than 40% of Americans have ever had an HIV test. The resource:27

Where a Woman’s Fat Lies Hints at Heart Risks

Researchers report that if you look more like an apple than a pear, your chances of heart trouble are heightened, even if you are a normal weight. The resource:27

Soy’s Heart Benefits Hold Steady Over Time

The team’s findings come as the FDA mulls possibly removing the right to a labeling claim that soy “may reduce the risk of heart disease,” first approved by the agency in 1999. The resource:27

Gut Bacteria Help May Boost Obese People’s Health

Over three months, volunteers who used a pasteurized version of the supplement lost an average of 5 pounds. Meanwhile, their cholesterol levels dipped and the progression of their “pre-diabetes” slowed. The resource:27

Low Vitamin D at Birth Tied to High Blood Pressure

Compared to children born with normal vitamin D levels, those born with low levels — less than 11 nanograms per millimeter (ng/ml) in cord blood — had a 60% higher risk of elevated systolic blood pressure (upper number in a reading) between ages 6 and 18. The resource:27

16 dog food brands may cause heart disease, FDA warns

Regulator says certain types of pet food are more frequently connected to heart disease in dogs, but why is unclear

Cartoonist claims viral Trump drawing led to his layoff

“It got to the point where I didn’t submit any Donald Trump cartoons for fear that I might be fired,” Michael de Adder said

A Solar Eclipse Is Coming July 2: What to Expect Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s exactly what each zodiac sign should expect from the solar eclipse in Cancer, arriving July 2. We help break down the magic and mystery of solar eclipses and the powerful change that can result, depending on your horoscope.

What Is Dementia? Symptoms, Types, and Diagnosis

Source: National Institute on Aging – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Dementia