Friday, May 24th, 2019


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What does “best if used by” phrase on food really mean?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration thinks uniform labels on packaging will help curb $161 billion in yearly food waste.

watch this if you want to help save the planet and not die! (eco-friendly tips)

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HHS proposes rollback of LGBTQ health care protections

The move would curtail access to critical care for many women, as well as gay and transgender patients including transition-related and reproductive care

First Mesothelioma Treatment in 15 Years Approved

The new device was approved under the Humanitarian Device Exemption, which was created to encourage innovation in rare diseases. The resource:27

Summer of Mosquito Swarms a Possibility This Year

Mosquitoes could wreck your summer if you’re not prepared and a warm, wet spring means the blood-suckers will be out in force. The resource:27

Colon Cancer Screenings Rise When Medicaid Arrives

American Cancer Society researchers analyzed CDC data and found that in states that were very early adopters of the Medicaid expansion, the rate of low-income adults ages 50-64 who were up to date with colon cancer screening rose from 42.3% in 2012 to 51.1% in 2016. The resource:27

Study: Roundup Linked to Human Liver Damage

A group of people who have liver disease also had elevated urine levels of glyphosate, the main weed-killing ingredient in Roundup, researchers found. The resource:27