Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


White House still fielding questions on Rob Porter

The White House continued to field questions regarding former staff secretary Rob Porter’s security clearance

28 Months Later? Here’s What Alex Garland Says

Will horror fans ever get a chance to see 28 Months Later? Here’s what Alex Garland had to say about the long-awaited threequel.

This 80s and 90s Hair Accessory Is About to Make a Major Comeback

I’m personally never without a claw clip. I keep one clamped on the strap of every bag I carry so that I can hike up my strands at a moment’s notice—because who can get any work done when your hair is in your face? Now, the fashion world is giving the green light on my lazy-girl hair staple, and I’m all about it. At the recent Alexander Wang runway show during New York Fashion Week, models were sent down the runway with slicked-back hair twisted into a clip with theRead More

FBI director’s timeline on Rob Porter security clearance contradicts White House

Christopher Wray’s Senate testimony suggests White House staff secretary’s background investigation was complete

Trump hosts National Sheriffs’ Association

The meeting comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the “Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement”

Kristen Leanne Confused by Highlighter Palette for Dark Skin Tones

The beauty vlogger took to Twitter to criticize Huda’s Bronze Glow Highlighting palette for not accommodating lighter skin tones.

These Are the Fragrances Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton Wore on Their Weddings

Smell is the one sense closely linked to memory. Think about how a whiff of apple pie or the familiar scent of Mama’s perfume triggers childhood memories. So it’s no wonder many brides take the time to invest in the perfect fragrance to commemorate their special day—a tiny dab here and a little mist there can evoke precious memories of your walk down the aisle for years to come. That desire to sniff out nostalgia is no different for our favorite royal ladies, as Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and theRead More

John Mayer’s Secret to Smooth Skin Is Loneliness

John Mayer, 40, has returned to beauty vlogging in an attempt to explain how he somehow hasn’t aged. (Among his “skin hacks”: “I don’t love anybody.”)

Ayesha Curry Tells Us How She and Stephen Are Celebrating Valentine’s Day: "The Way to Woo Somebody Is to Cook for Them"

We recently had the chance to chat with CoverGirl’s latest spokesperson Ayesha Curry in honor of the brand’s new Peacock Flare Mascara ($7; target.com). Her take on the new product? “It’s a mousse-y formula, so it allows you to swipe on a bunch of coats without flaking,” she tells us. But we talked about more than just makeup. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Curry revealed how she and husband Stephen will be celebrating, and it’s a sweet reminder that even celebrities enjoy a mellow night in. Do you have a go-to makeupRead More

Can You Flush Tampons Down the Toilet?: How to Dispose of Tampons

Flushing tampons down the toilet is a huge problem for both the environment and the economy. Find out what the experts say on the issue and how to dispose of tampons instead.

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