Monday, February 5th, 2018


New Treatment Could Be ‘Breakthrough’ for Vitiligo

The new therapy includes the oral medication Xeljanz (tofacitinib) — a drug already approved for use in rheumatoid arthritis patients that dampens the body’s immune response — and ultraviolet-B light therapy. The resource:27

Study: ‘Some Evidence’ Cell Phones Cause Tumors

Scientists with the National Toxicology Program say there is some evidence that the radiation emitted by cell phones can increase the risk of a rare type of nerve tumor at least in male rats, but what this means for people is still up for debate. The resource:27

Report details misuse of antipsychotics in nursing homes

A new report says about 179,000 people in nursing homes get antipsychotic drugs every week without having a diagnosis for which the drugs are approved

Holocaust denier likely to be GOP nominee for Congress

Arthur Jones is the only Republican candidate in the March 20 primary for the 3rd Congressional District

Restless Legs Syndrome and Heart Disease Risk

Twitchy, jumpy, restless legs while trying to sleep can affect a good night’s rest. The condition has been found to be linked to certain health concerns and nutrient deficiencies.

Pantethine Helps Metabolism, Cholesterol, and Stress

Pantethine is a unique form of vitamin B5 that gives it health benefits that regular vitamin B5 doesn’t have. Discover why it’s worth taking this amazing nutrient!

Pence to disrupt North Korea’s Olympic charm

The father of Otto Warmbier, American put in captivity by Pyongyang, to visit Olympics as vice president’s guest

Gowdy on retiring from Congress: “I would just rather be in the justice system”

The Republican congressman on “Face the Nation” shared insights on his future in the judiciary, his relationship with Trump, and leaving Congress

The Trick To Using a Round Brush That No One Knows

[brightcove:5543888721001 default] We’re always hearing about new ways to perfect the at-home blowout and finally achieve salon-worthy results. News flash: We have never once found this to be true. I mean, we can achieve a nice blowout at home, but salon-quality? Not quite. We’re not going to tell you that these tips will help you finally master that salon blowout at home so you can save your $50 for other pursuits, but we will say that these little tricks will most assuredly step up your home style—substantially. The amazing thingsRead More

Trump claims U.K. health care system “not working”

Attacking Democrats for “pushing for Universal HealthCare,” Mr. Trump mischaracterizes protests in support of U.K. system